Thursday, January 9, 2014

$10 Personalized Conversation Hearts

New Years Resolution # 3 Wear more lipstick- Check
New Years Resolution #12- STOP neglecting this poor bloggity blog

To kick off my first post of the New Year I'm starting with a fun personalized (my favorite) Valentines Day craft!
I have had a love for conversation hearts for as long as I can remember. And when I saw these cute wooden hearts at Michaels it reminded me of them. Right away I was thinking of a way I could incorporate them into my Valentines decor. It had to be something that was quick (I'm short on time these days).
I came up with this
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loved how it turned out! Now here is the tutorial so you can make some of your own.
First, find a Michael's coupon. Every little bit helps. This is an inexpensive project as well. The total for this project was just under $10.00. I bought 4 (one for each member of our family).
Now you need paint. I really wanted to keep them looking like conversation hearts so I searched the paint section for colors that best resembled the hearts. These are the colors I found worked best.

Craft Smart Brand (at Michael's)
Green- Celery
Yellow-Light Yellow
Pink-Pink Chiffon
Purple-Grape Taffy

I also picked up a few foam brushes and wide red ruffled ribbon to hang the hearts on. I rushed home to get started.
First paint each one of your hearts. I did the fronts only. I don't have time to waste painting sides no one will ever see. But if you have time and OCD like Kali then by all means go for it. Only 30 minutes till preschool pick-up!
Now while the hearts are drying its time to print vinyl. I used a glossy red vinyl but any red will work. Font used was Arial Rounded.
Once hearts are dry (about 20 minutes) you can apply the vinyl.
I had to take a break or I would be that awesome mom late for Preschool pick-up again.
Once we were back home I grabbed the dried personalized hearts and took them to the garage to staple gun the ribbon to the back. I didn't measure because well... I hate measuring. Im more of an eyeball it kinda gal!
Hope this inspires you to create some fun Valentines Day decor. Happy Crafting:) 
Check back for more Valentines Day crafts, recipes and a fun DIY photo shoot with my mini's

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