Monday, January 13, 2014

Under cabinet spruce up

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Pinterest is one of my places to go for inspiration. Some projects have turned out amazing while others were an epic fail!

I'm going to start a weekly series on this called "pinned it did it". Each week I will take a different project or recipe I pinned and test it out. I will share the good the bad even the ugly! 
This week I'm sharing an under kitchen cabinet spruce up. Search Pinterest for some inspiration. There are several tutorials. Here is how I did it.

Supplies used: 
Sharp knife
Peel and stick tile 
Measuring Tape

First empty your cabinets. My 2 year old thought she had a new play area 😳
Measure under your cabinets and cut the tiles to size. Now peel and stick each tile down. This project was quick, easy and cheap. Pinterest Success!!! There are so many options for peel and stick tiles. 
Since I was in the organizing mood I also purchased a tension rod and used it to hold my cleaners:) (see picture above) works great. 

Have fun, make it your own. This method beats using that thin, expensive and ugly contact paper! 

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