Sunday, January 12, 2014

Simple quick yet cute broom!!!

Hello everyone! I'm back!! I know...I know it's been way to long! I promise to keep you updated with my changing life and some fun..and of course cute crafts! Awhile back I was visiting my goddaughter and she wanted to swifter or sweep but she was wayyy to small for the adult size swifter/broom. So I found one her size but it was , well I'm not going to lie it was ugly. Of course I couldn't give her an ugly broom haha so I BLINGED IT and made it acceptable. It was simple and she loves it!!! 

All you will need is a small broom (if it's for a kiddo) printed duct tape, gems/rhinestones/jewels whichever you prefer (GOOD NEWS I got all of these at a 99cent only store!!!!! You know one of those fun stores that have a million random things for a dollar!  I also used our fav glue gem tack!!! 

I loved the broom I made for her so I also made one for myself!!! Here are some pictures of how I made mine then I'll show you the pictures of the BLINGED out broom! You can add all kinds of things bows, silk flowers or ribbons ..go crazy and make your broom a fashion statement!!!

Here's the ugly before broom

Start wrapping !!! I went at an angle to help cover !
I found it easiest to hold the tape like this with my unpolished thumb on top while flipping the broom and pulling the tape tight.
Keep taping!!!!almost done!
All done!!! Now I can sweep in style and look good while cleaning lol it was really fast only took about five minutes!!! 

Now here is the super cute one :
So easy..... And soo quick!!! Can't go wrong!! 
That's all for today but I'll be back soon!!! 

Smile at a stranger today, it might make their day!! Spread the love and sparkle! 
Love Kali 

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