Friday, January 31, 2014

Mr. & Mrs. Heartbeat

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Well hello there everyone !!!!
Let me start off by saying..... Happy Friday!!!!!! TGIF I don't know about you but I had a busy busy week!!! I hope you had a great, busy week too!!! 

Last weekend I was lucky and got to babysit Jens fun, crazy kiddos. It's always a good time with her kids and Chelsea's son Max!!! Unfortunately, Max couldn't come play because he hasn't been feeling very well. We were all disappointed and he was defiantly missed! 

When I babysit I'm not the kind of sitter who let's the kids watch tv or sit on a video game or tablet... I'm more annoying and want to do fun stuff!!!  We started with pizza ... Yummmm... Needless to say we were all happy campers !!! Mr.&Mrs. Heartbeat are at the bottom of the post!!! 

Next, we played hot potato... So much fun!! This was their first time playing so it was hilarious trying to explain that you do NOT want to have the potato when the music stops!!! 

This game lasted a surprisingly long time!! Of course we added some dance moves too!! 

Next on our agenda was the game Pop the Pig!!! Because I worked with kiddos II have played just about every game out there however I'd never heard of this game until these kiddos got it for Christmas!! They absolutely love it!! Notice lil sister waiting patiently for big brother to finish his turn!!! (( sharing and taking turns at this age ... You know how it goes haha)) 

Mr. & Mrs. Heartbeat!!!

Next was craft time!!!! My favorite! I love to see the imagination and the wheels turning in their heads! We kept it simple because it was almost bedtime and I wore them out.. They were super sleepy!!! We used crayons sparkly fuzz balls and googlie eyes .. You can get creative and use construction paper to make clothes or a top hat ,yarn to make hair, glitter, water colors or paint!! Go crazy! 

I was trying to find the printable coloring sheets online however I wasn't able to.. :/ 
The heart is simple but the arms and legs a a little different. You can google it or draw your own. Here is a quick picture I took ... Not the best pictures I'm sorry :/ 


I hope you enjoyed this little post :) have a great weekend!! And add some sparkle to someone's day!!!

Xoxo Kali

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Late Night Dessert

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Hello my sweet tooth friends!!!!! I know I said I had a fun announcement and I do but this isn't that post!!! I will post about it very soon! I promise... So far I think I'm doing pretty well keeping up and posting often!!!

So now onto the sweet stuff!!! I know we have all seen recipes on Pinterest and thought that looks easy peasy!!!! Then you try it and it's a def Pinterest fail!!!! Well, I found an idea on Pinterest and of course said this looks ... You guessed it "easy peasy" well guess what !? It actually was!!!!! It's delish let me tell you!!!! Oreo cookie stuffed chocolate chip cookie!!!!!! Ummmm AMAZING!! So here's my easy way of making this heavenly dessert!!! 

All you need!!!!

Next step... Smash one square for the bottom.. But not to much.. Then stack the Oreo on top and smash another chocolate chip cookie dough square on top! I made sure that the top overlapped the sides a little bit.

Pop  them in the oven and bake!!!!! Thennnn ta da!!!!

Delish late night snack!!!!  Add some ice cream and enjoy!!!!! 

I hope you try this delish dish!!! Quick, easy and yummmmyyy !!! 
Enjoy and don't forget to add some sparkle to someone's life!!! <3 Kali

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Simple & Delicious Corn Salad

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Local Produce is my favorite!

Mystery Apples, Fresh Cilantro, Goat Cheese Feta...Oh my! This was my haul from Amy's Farm. I found this hidden gem just a few miles from my home. I 'm seeing frequent bike rides to this farm in the summer for local produce and amazing cheeses. 

Here is a yummy versatile corn salad recipe that's on our families favorite list.

5 ears of fresh corn~cooked and cut off the cob
1 green bell pepper chopped
1 red onion chopped 
Cilantro chopped- Add as much or as little as you would like (We have a bit of a cilantro addiction and often use the whole bundle) 
Goat milk Feta Cheese 4 oz. (chopped)  You can certainly use regular Feta as that is easier to find. It will still taste amazing!
Balsamic Vinegar- to taste
Juice of 1/2 a lemon 
Salt -to taste

Add the corn, chopped onion, chopped bell pepper, chopped cilantro and chopped feta to a medium sized bowl. Add balsamic vinegar and salt to taste. Finish with the juice of 1/2 a lemon. Toss & enjoy!

We love to scoop this on to these yummy garlic crackers. I found them at our local grocery. 
Enjoy! XOXO~Jenn 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Valentine's Day Centerpiece

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Hello everyone!!!!! Time for some more pink, white, hearts and sparkle!!!! I wanted to make a centerpiece for my table so I asked my nephew Max to help me by going out into the backyard with me to collect sticks. Okay Auntie he said, let's go on a stick hunt!!! So off we went...and collected our sticks. Then off I went to create the image that I couldn't get out of my head... Haha you know once you think of a craft it bugs you until you do it ... please tell me it's not just me. Hmm... maybe I'm really crazy and I'm the only one.  Haha Either way I finally finished it !!! So now I can sleep without thinking about my centerpiece! :)

Yep we collected sticks that were different sizes. 

Then get some fun pink, red, hearts and sparkles!!! I got mine at the dollar store and another bargain store! 

Gotta have some candy hearts!!! 

Next I put it all together!!! 

All done!! Super quick and super cute!!! Not to mention I got everything for under $10!!!

Just thought I'd share my Valentines Day centerpiece with you!! Add your own sparkle !!! 

P.S. I have a big surprise announcement coming soon!!! So keep checking back on our blog to get some nice juicy info!!!! :)

Ice Cream Flowers

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The weather here in Ca had been in the low 80's. I know right!?!? Where is winter these days. I'm not complaining. We are a big ice cream family. It doesn't matter what kind:) we like them all! Today I'm sharing our Ice cream flower pots. My kids look forward to this dessert every summer. These are easy to put together and only have 3 ingredients. I know there are several tutorials for this but this is how our family does it. 

Ice Cream Flowers 
Ice Cream (I used Sherbet today) 
Lemon loaf cake (you can use your favorite loaf cake) my grocery store sells these pre sliced in the bakery section. They have chocolate, pumpkin, lemon and many others. 

Thick straws
Clay Pots-lead free 
Artificial flowers 
Wire cutters
Parchment paper

First take your parchment paper and trace the bottom of your clay pot. Then cut out the paper and place it in the bottom of the pot. This helps the ice cream from dripping out. Next take your clay pot and set it right side up on top of your loaf cake. 

Use a knife to cut out the small circle of loaf cake and place the cake on top of the parchment paper in the bottom of your pot. You can add as many layers of cake as you would like. Our kids like more ice cream and less cake so we only use one layer. 

Now push your straw into the center of the loaf cake. Carefully add the ice cream around your straw. I say carefully because the straw isn't too secure with only one layer. The more layers of cake the sturdier the straw. 

Now place the pots in the freezer for 10-15 minutes so the ice cream hardens back up. While they are in the freezer let's get started on the dirt. You can't have a pot without dirt. 

To make the dirt take 8-10 Oreos and get rid of the center. The hardest part is finding someone to eat this. I ate it all by myself. Now place the cookie part of your Oreos into a zip lock bag and go grab your hammer. 

This is my favorite part. Hammer the Oreos until they look like dirt. It relieves stress so take your time. 
Once the dirt is done take your pots out of the freezer and pour your dirt on top. Make sure to keep the dirt out of the straw. 
To finish these cute pots just add your artificial flower down the straw and admire your hard work! If your flower stem is too long just snip it with some wire cutters until it's the length you desire. Have fun!  and Eat.More.IceCream!

P.S. Add some gummy worms if your kids love them as much as mine do:)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Rose bouquet

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Heyyyyy there!!!!! I told you I'd be back soon!!! :) Okay so I, like Chelsea and Jen love Valentines Day. Well, who am I kidding we love any excuse to decorate. lol When I took down the Christmas decorations it was waaayyyyy to plain!! It was sad so of course I told myself it's never to early to add a little pink, red and glitter!
One of the things I made was a flower bouquet. It didn't take longer than 10 minutes! It was actually more like 5 but I couldn't find my wire cutters.

All you need are silk flowers (of your choice) and a foam ball! I got both at that same store I was telling you about last time. The bargain store where everything is a dollar!!!

Then you cut the flowers off the stems. I pushed up the leaves to keep them on the shortened stem.

Start arranging your flowers!!!! 

Ta da!!!!! 

I didn't want to hang mine ...but you can that would be cute too!! So I got a glass cup from the kitchen and put the ball on top ( I didn't put the flowers all the way around because I didn't want to hang but if you want to hang just fill the whole thing with flowers. 

It fit perfectly in the cup! I had left over zebra duct tape around the cup to make it fancy :) 

I added some of the stick in valentines day hearts to add a little more sparkle!!

I hope you enjoyed this quick cute Valentines day craft!! 
Add a little sparkle to someone's life!!!

Love Kali

Under cabinet spruce up

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Pinterest is one of my places to go for inspiration. Some projects have turned out amazing while others were an epic fail!

I'm going to start a weekly series on this called "pinned it did it". Each week I will take a different project or recipe I pinned and test it out. I will share the good the bad even the ugly! 
This week I'm sharing an under kitchen cabinet spruce up. Search Pinterest for some inspiration. There are several tutorials. Here is how I did it.

Supplies used: 
Sharp knife
Peel and stick tile 
Measuring Tape

First empty your cabinets. My 2 year old thought she had a new play area 😳
Measure under your cabinets and cut the tiles to size. Now peel and stick each tile down. This project was quick, easy and cheap. Pinterest Success!!! There are so many options for peel and stick tiles. 
Since I was in the organizing mood I also purchased a tension rod and used it to hold my cleaners:) (see picture above) works great. 

Have fun, make it your own. This method beats using that thin, expensive and ugly contact paper! 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Simple quick yet cute broom!!!

Hello everyone! I'm back!! I know...I know it's been way to long! I promise to keep you updated with my changing life and some fun..and of course cute crafts! Awhile back I was visiting my goddaughter and she wanted to swifter or sweep but she was wayyy to small for the adult size swifter/broom. So I found one her size but it was , well I'm not going to lie it was ugly. Of course I couldn't give her an ugly broom haha so I BLINGED IT and made it acceptable. It was simple and she loves it!!! 

All you will need is a small broom (if it's for a kiddo) printed duct tape, gems/rhinestones/jewels whichever you prefer (GOOD NEWS I got all of these at a 99cent only store!!!!! You know one of those fun stores that have a million random things for a dollar!  I also used our fav glue gem tack!!! 

I loved the broom I made for her so I also made one for myself!!! Here are some pictures of how I made mine then I'll show you the pictures of the BLINGED out broom! You can add all kinds of things bows, silk flowers or ribbons ..go crazy and make your broom a fashion statement!!!

Here's the ugly before broom

Start wrapping !!! I went at an angle to help cover !
I found it easiest to hold the tape like this with my unpolished thumb on top while flipping the broom and pulling the tape tight.
Keep taping!!!!almost done!
All done!!! Now I can sweep in style and look good while cleaning lol it was really fast only took about five minutes!!! 

Now here is the super cute one :
So easy..... And soo quick!!! Can't go wrong!! 
That's all for today but I'll be back soon!!! 

Smile at a stranger today, it might make their day!! Spread the love and sparkle! 
Love Kali 

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