Monday, February 25, 2013

Admit one or two or a family (Ticket Stub Holder)

Hi!!!! Do you have stacks of ticket stubs from special trips or places you have gone?
This idea is so neat and can be used for all ages!!! From birth to elementary school, through high school and even for married couples!!!!! You can keep all of your special tickets, invites or things alike in this admit one or two depending on who it is for!!!! Perfect for special occasions like Disneyland,or any amusement park, sporting events, The Zoo, the movies, Yo Gabba Gabba Live (our favorite), high school dances, Dr. appointment cards ect.!!

All you need are some ticket stubs, a shadow box of your choice color and size and if you would like some scrap booking letters and a piece or two of cardstock!

This one was made for my nephew and my cousin recently saw it and loved the idea he said, "That's going to be so neat for him when he gets older!! To be able to pull out the tickets of all the places he's been!! And even to see how the tickets change over the years!" And that's very true !!! On some of the tickets my sister will write who he went with and why they went and a fun detail about the trip ( like his favorite part, what he liked most ect.)

We wanted to share this great, easy, inexpensive idea that will give back years later!!!! Here are a couple pics! We hope this helps keep the memories!!!! With love until next time <3 xoxo ...Kali...

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yo Gabba Gabbbbaaa Party

Yo Gabba Gabbbbbbbaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! When my sister and I were planning my nephews 2nd birthday there were soo many options! But when it came down to it... Yo Gabba was his absolute favorite so Yo Gabba theme it was! After watching it time and time and time again we knew all the words, songs and amazing dance moves so planning this party was simple and ideas came flowing out!! We almost could not stop!!!! But you have to draw the line somewhere right?? ...... lol sure....wink wink! =) Here are some pictures of the party and decor. Ill put some details as needed.

Balloon galore!!! What a mess!!!! But oh soo much fun if your 2 haha ... okay who am I kidding its fun at any age! We made our centerpieces!!! We used balloons, white boxes, tissue paper, sand and wooden dowels. We made balloon bundles and used different shaped and sized balloons to wrap around the dowel! oh and we sprinkled Yo Gabba confetti on the tables and the floor. (the floor was an accident but a nice touch .. until clean up time =0)

Here are pictures of the finished centerpieces!

As you can see we used the colors to match the characters! Brobee, Toodee, Plex, Muno, Foofa, and of course DJ Lance Rock!!!!! We also used cloth table cloths and of course had a jumper!

Do you recognize these balloon faces!?!?!? =) little details count!!!!

We accented them with fun bright and poka dotted balloons!!!

 We had to have a candy bar!!!!!! On this table we have .... Suckers in wrapped boxes, homemade Yo Gabba masks, Squeese its with a Muno eye ball, blowers, noisemakers, Homemade three tired candy dish, party hats .. oh and Homemade gumball machine looking holder (we were very carefull with small children and gumballs choking hazard!!!!!!!!!!!) We had those small dot candies that come on a sheet, rice krispy treats, ring pops, fun dips, sour patch licorice, giant pixy stix, gummy bears....ect.  We also made the large fans in the background by folding 2 large posterboards like a fan and connecting them.  then made smaller ones and layered them!!

As for the party favors.... We used buckets and cut out foam to make them look like the characters! ( found this idea somewhere online)Yes!!! Very time consuming but definalty worth every minute!!!The kids also we able to take a mask to look like their favorite character!!!  We filled them with small toys (from Party City-  buckets, tamborines, glasses, whistles, bubbles, Yo Gabba toys ect.) then let the kids fill with candy and snacks from the candy bar and had a pinada!!!! Yes, the parents loved us! hahaha...


Cake Time... We wanted a tiered fun cake! Off I went to Albertsons bakery (grocery store) and showed them a picture I found online with superheros but I wanted Yo Gabba characters and they did it!!!! Not sure if they will do it again lol but hey they did it once!!! =)


We played Yo Gabba music in the background and sang along to every song! The kids at the party loved the background music and the adults caught themselves singing along too!!! We played games like "Get the sillies out" aka freeze dance and musical chairs among others.  We hung Yo Gabba posters all around and got a big poster with all the characters in Gabba Land to take pictures in front of!

Side note:
The party buckets we gave out are still used to this day.... Except not as buckets but for hats!!!!

Hope this gives you some ideas for a Yo Gabba Gabba Party! This party was so much fun to plan and even better to see play out!!! Until next time.... XOXO....Kali

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Entryway Organization

Hi everyone, Just wanted to share a quick and easy project to combat an untamed entryway. Here is what our tiny entryway looked like before:

Yep, cluttered with jackets and bags for practice, reusable grocery bags and I'm sure somewhere in this pile is my purse. I have had these hooks from target for a while and have been looking for an excuse to use them. So I started thinking of what would help tame the chaos in this area. I knew we needed a place for all the bags that come in and out of our house on a daily basis. We have the purse, diaper bag, reusable grocery bags, backpacks and tons of jackets that get tossed on the floor after school and outside playtime. So I pulled out a handy piece of scrap wood from my garage and used my old brown craft paint and brushed it on with a foam brush. I was going for an "old looking sign" feel so I didn't bother to cover every nook and cranny. Then I cut the saying "Take a load off" using my silhouette. Once the sign dried I used two screws to screw the sign into the wall (you could probably use those heavy duty velcro command hooks found here) but I like to live on the wild side and swiss cheese up the walls every now and then. Just to see the look on the hubs face:) Once the sign was up I just used my tape measure to measure out 4 even spots under the sign for the hooks and there you have it. Organization that even my 4 year old can use.

 A quick and easy way to tame your entry way chaos. The best part is that this project was FREE because I had all supplies on hand. Till next time XOXOXO~Jenn

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentines Banner

So today I was scrapbooking and I felt I needed a little more Valentines around so I pulled out some red and pink paper!! I printed some "Xs", "Os" and hearts with my cricut cutting machine....and I taped them onto fish string and there i had a quick Valentines banner. If you do not have a cricut thats ok make yourself a template and trace out your X and Os!!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hello Kitty Party

Hello Kitty is one of those classic favorites! When my cousin mentioned that her daughter wanted a Hello Kitty themed party I instantly thought of the cute favor bags I had recently seen on Pinterest ! I called Chelsea, my sister and we were very excited to make them and even more excited to see the reaction of the birthday girl!! My sister also thought about making a couple other things too!!!

Supplies we used for favor bags were:
- Card stock (pink glittered, purple glittered,black, yellow, white and regular pink)
{look below to see amount needed per color, some colors like black you need more of than others,   such as yellow.. as this will vary depending on how many bags you are making}
- Glue stick/ Elmers white glue
- Green & White favor bags ( Keroppi was green Hello Kitty was white)
- Sissors

All supplies available at any craft store however, we love the Michaels app and coupons!!!

Then we began by making a template for outside eye, inside eye, whiskers, bow, mouth and circles by Keroppis mouth. Then began cutting away!!!!! Having the Cricut at this point would have been helpful lol but man power worked just fine!!

For each Keroppi we needed 2 large white circles, 2 medium circles and 2 pink circles (the black and pink were the same size) and a black wide V.. Keep in mind the eyes are not at the top of the bag but middle ... it turned out like this!!!
For each Hello Kitty bag we needed 1 bow pink or purple, 2 black small oval eyes, 1 yellow small oval nose, 2 black long whiskersend facing up, 2 small black whiskers and 2 black medium downfacing . Keep in mind that her eyes and on lower part of the bag not in the middle. The final bag looks like this!!!

Then we went to google and printed out a Hello Kitty mask template and cut it out. We could have cut out the eyes but I think we had enough cutting with the favor bags lol . We then used silver glitter & a glue stick to put onto the bow. Then glued it on a stick! Walll La.... Hello Kitty mask with glitter!!!!   
I was shopping for the birthday girls gift and saw a cute Hello Kitty headband! I thought it would be perfect for the birthday girl instead of a crown a Hello Kitty headband!!! But of course I had to put some Bling on it!!!!! I remembered that I had gotten these self stick rhinestones at the dollar store awhile back and thought they would be perfect! So I stuck them on!!!!
Close up of Headband!!!

The Happy Birthday Girl!!!!

Chelsea then made a happy birthday banner sign using a Cricut and silver embellishments! She also made the Pom Poms out of tissue paper for some bright pop of color!!! 
I found some Hello Kitty coloring sheets from google to use and make a little personalized coloring book!

The party was a blast! The kids all had a great time especially the Birthday Girl!!! The kids took part in a hula hoop contest, three legged race, pin the bow on Kitty and pinata along with other games!  Hope this gives a couple ideas for a Hello Kitty birthday party!!!! XOXO ...Kali
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Blinged out shoes

Hello there everyone!!Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a great day!!! I was at work and I saw this lady who had completly personalized her converse! When I asked her about them she said they were very old and looked woren out so she decided to redo them! They looked amazing with studs very bikerish! They looked so cute with jeans and a black tank!!! We were talking then the mention of bling came up ( rhinestones) that would look adorable! Later while looking on Pinterest I saw a pin with rhinestones on shoes. I love the idea of adding personalization on anything!!!

One of my really good friends found her prince charming anad was getting married!!!! While she was doing my hair we were discussing her wedding colors ect. The topic of shoes came up and thats when it dawned on me!!! Whats better than comfy cute shoes for the reception! I told her not to worry about it.... they would be my gift to her! I was sooooo beyond excited! I went home and went onto where you can create custom shoes! You can get to the wesite by clicking here. I ordered them and was very excited when they were delivered!Dont forget!!!! You can also do this to any shoes you have at home =)

This was the shoe before the custom work! Blank Canvas... my personal fav!!!
The Shoe after the custom work!!!! There are a whole bunch of colors and patterns!!! These colors were perfect for my friends wedding!!! You can even get them engraved if you would like!!!! Soooo Fun!!!!

But the customizing wasnt finished yet ::wink wink:: ........

I gathered my handy dandy Gem - Tac and some Rhinestones from Michaels craft store ( with my coupon of course ) and set to work!!! For the first shoe I laid them out first to make sure my rhinestones weren't to large or small. (The ones I used were larger than the 3 mm I wanna say I used 9mm , but use your judgement. It also depends on the look you are going for.) I laid them out to also make sure I wouldn't have a gap/ hole when I go to the end or bottom of the toe of the shoe. You maybe able to eyeball this but I wanted to make sure since these were for the Beautiful Bride to be!!! I put glue in small area but glued them in row going from left to right starting at the straight end of the toe. If you touch the glue your fingers will get sticky and placing the rhinestones is a little difficult! So helpful hint: I used tweesers and just wiped them with a wipe as needed. Here is the finished product!!!! Ohhh and I added black ribbon to substitute as the laces =)
Add bling to anything you can!!!! =) happy blinging xoxo..Kali

Yay!!!!! My creation for my Dear Friend!!!!

We had to take a picture with the BLINGED shoes =)


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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Card Organization

I don't know about you but I just love greeting cards! I love that someone took the time to pick out a special card for my kids/hubs or myself. Some people write special messages or use family pics on their cards. This makes the card that much more meaningful and harder for me to part with after the occasion. I thought I had a great solution for this a few years back. Enter the card box.

Yep... I went out and purchased one for each member of my family and after we got done with the card we would toss it into the box to never be seen again. Then I stumbled upon a bright idea on Pinterest from Kayla Danelle. Click here for tutorial

Here is my version:

The reason I love this is because it makes it easier to see those special cards when you need a little love or words of encouragement or even if you want to show your kids pics of relatives who live farther away. I mean whats the point of keeping the cards if they are just going to be tossed in some box in the closet?

My kids have theirs hung in their playroom and my 4 year old thinks they are books:) he loves that his included many of his favorite characters like Tomas the Train and Lightning McQueen from birthdays a few years back.
We make sure to only keep the cards that are important to us to eliminate clutter. I love ideas that make life a little more special and my home a little less cluttered. Now when a special card comes I grab my hole puncher and add the card to one of the books:) I love pretty storage ideas. Bye bye never ending stack of card clutter. XOXO~JENN

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