Monday, February 25, 2013

Admit one or two or a family (Ticket Stub Holder)

Hi!!!! Do you have stacks of ticket stubs from special trips or places you have gone?
This idea is so neat and can be used for all ages!!! From birth to elementary school, through high school and even for married couples!!!!! You can keep all of your special tickets, invites or things alike in this admit one or two depending on who it is for!!!! Perfect for special occasions like Disneyland,or any amusement park, sporting events, The Zoo, the movies, Yo Gabba Gabba Live (our favorite), high school dances, Dr. appointment cards ect.!!

All you need are some ticket stubs, a shadow box of your choice color and size and if you would like some scrap booking letters and a piece or two of cardstock!

This one was made for my nephew and my cousin recently saw it and loved the idea he said, "That's going to be so neat for him when he gets older!! To be able to pull out the tickets of all the places he's been!! And even to see how the tickets change over the years!" And that's very true !!! On some of the tickets my sister will write who he went with and why they went and a fun detail about the trip ( like his favorite part, what he liked most ect.)

We wanted to share this great, easy, inexpensive idea that will give back years later!!!! Here are a couple pics! We hope this helps keep the memories!!!! With love until next time <3 xoxo ...Kali...

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