Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Entryway Organization

Hi everyone, Just wanted to share a quick and easy project to combat an untamed entryway. Here is what our tiny entryway looked like before:

Yep, cluttered with jackets and bags for practice, reusable grocery bags and I'm sure somewhere in this pile is my purse. I have had these hooks from target for a while and have been looking for an excuse to use them. So I started thinking of what would help tame the chaos in this area. I knew we needed a place for all the bags that come in and out of our house on a daily basis. We have the purse, diaper bag, reusable grocery bags, backpacks and tons of jackets that get tossed on the floor after school and outside playtime. So I pulled out a handy piece of scrap wood from my garage and used my old brown craft paint and brushed it on with a foam brush. I was going for an "old looking sign" feel so I didn't bother to cover every nook and cranny. Then I cut the saying "Take a load off" using my silhouette. Once the sign dried I used two screws to screw the sign into the wall (you could probably use those heavy duty velcro command hooks found here) but I like to live on the wild side and swiss cheese up the walls every now and then. Just to see the look on the hubs face:) Once the sign was up I just used my tape measure to measure out 4 even spots under the sign for the hooks and there you have it. Organization that even my 4 year old can use.

 A quick and easy way to tame your entry way chaos. The best part is that this project was FREE because I had all supplies on hand. Till next time XOXOXO~Jenn

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