Monday, February 4, 2013

DIY Pearl Frame & Cross

Hi everyone!!!! I wanted to share a really neat picture frame we made for my Goddaughters Baptism! We wanted a shabby chic vintage theme. Our inspiration for this event was pearls, lace, pale pink and a little bling and or sparkle.

So with that in mind I set out to Michaels craft store to gather some supplies! I found the frame in the wood section, mixed color pearls in the bead section. I already had the jewelry pendant glue but jewel it probably would have worked too!  I don't have a before picture of the cross but I also found that in the wood section at Michaels!  Oh and I was sure to have my phone app with coupon ready at check out! =) 

This picture can give an idea of the wooden frame before
Here is the glue and you can see the pearl beads in the background!

As you can see from the first picture we began by doing the inner edge all the way around. Next we just started gluing. We only put glue in small sections so it would not dry while we were setting the pearls. We also left a clear place in the top middle so we could add a flower! For the crosses we just put glue on small sections and started gluing!

Then ......we kept gluing and gluing... oh and of course eating cookies =)

This is what it looked like when this side was pretty much complete!!! (Sorry for all the pictures but I perfer step by step so I know what to be expecting at each step I didn't take many pics of the crosses but it's the same process!)

 Here is our beautiful shabby chic frame and cross!!!!!Here you can also see the flower with thin feathers we added!!Gluing all the beads took awhile but in the end it was all worth it!!!

                              Thanks for checking out our vintage shabby chic frame and cross!!!
                              Beautiful and fun to make!!!! Have a great day!!! .....xoxox Kali......

Here are a few more pics from the Baptism


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