Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Late Night Dessert

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Hello my sweet tooth friends!!!!! I know I said I had a fun announcement and I do but this isn't that post!!! I will post about it very soon! I promise... So far I think I'm doing pretty well keeping up and posting often!!!

So now onto the sweet stuff!!! I know we have all seen recipes on Pinterest and thought that looks easy peasy!!!! Then you try it and it's a def Pinterest fail!!!! Well, I found an idea on Pinterest and of course said this looks ... You guessed it "easy peasy" well guess what !? It actually was!!!!! It's delish let me tell you!!!! Oreo cookie stuffed chocolate chip cookie!!!!!! Ummmm AMAZING!! So here's my easy way of making this heavenly dessert!!! 

All you need!!!!

Next step... Smash one square for the bottom.. But not to much.. Then stack the Oreo on top and smash another chocolate chip cookie dough square on top! I made sure that the top overlapped the sides a little bit.

Pop  them in the oven and bake!!!!! Thennnn ta da!!!!

Delish late night snack!!!!  Add some ice cream and enjoy!!!!! 

I hope you try this delish dish!!! Quick, easy and yummmmyyy !!! 
Enjoy and don't forget to add some sparkle to someone's life!!! <3 Kali

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