Monday, January 20, 2014

Valentine's Day Centerpiece

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Hello everyone!!!!! Time for some more pink, white, hearts and sparkle!!!! I wanted to make a centerpiece for my table so I asked my nephew Max to help me by going out into the backyard with me to collect sticks. Okay Auntie he said, let's go on a stick hunt!!! So off we went...and collected our sticks. Then off I went to create the image that I couldn't get out of my head... Haha you know once you think of a craft it bugs you until you do it ... please tell me it's not just me. Hmm... maybe I'm really crazy and I'm the only one.  Haha Either way I finally finished it !!! So now I can sleep without thinking about my centerpiece! :)

Yep we collected sticks that were different sizes. 

Then get some fun pink, red, hearts and sparkles!!! I got mine at the dollar store and another bargain store! 

Gotta have some candy hearts!!! 

Next I put it all together!!! 

All done!! Super quick and super cute!!! Not to mention I got everything for under $10!!!

Just thought I'd share my Valentines Day centerpiece with you!! Add your own sparkle !!! 

P.S. I have a big surprise announcement coming soon!!! So keep checking back on our blog to get some nice juicy info!!!! :)

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