Friday, January 31, 2014

Mr. & Mrs. Heartbeat

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Well hello there everyone !!!!
Let me start off by saying..... Happy Friday!!!!!! TGIF I don't know about you but I had a busy busy week!!! I hope you had a great, busy week too!!! 

Last weekend I was lucky and got to babysit Jens fun, crazy kiddos. It's always a good time with her kids and Chelsea's son Max!!! Unfortunately, Max couldn't come play because he hasn't been feeling very well. We were all disappointed and he was defiantly missed! 

When I babysit I'm not the kind of sitter who let's the kids watch tv or sit on a video game or tablet... I'm more annoying and want to do fun stuff!!!  We started with pizza ... Yummmm... Needless to say we were all happy campers !!! Mr.&Mrs. Heartbeat are at the bottom of the post!!! 

Next, we played hot potato... So much fun!! This was their first time playing so it was hilarious trying to explain that you do NOT want to have the potato when the music stops!!! 

This game lasted a surprisingly long time!! Of course we added some dance moves too!! 

Next on our agenda was the game Pop the Pig!!! Because I worked with kiddos II have played just about every game out there however I'd never heard of this game until these kiddos got it for Christmas!! They absolutely love it!! Notice lil sister waiting patiently for big brother to finish his turn!!! (( sharing and taking turns at this age ... You know how it goes haha)) 

Mr. & Mrs. Heartbeat!!!

Next was craft time!!!! My favorite! I love to see the imagination and the wheels turning in their heads! We kept it simple because it was almost bedtime and I wore them out.. They were super sleepy!!! We used crayons sparkly fuzz balls and googlie eyes .. You can get creative and use construction paper to make clothes or a top hat ,yarn to make hair, glitter, water colors or paint!! Go crazy! 

I was trying to find the printable coloring sheets online however I wasn't able to.. :/ 
The heart is simple but the arms and legs a a little different. You can google it or draw your own. Here is a quick picture I took ... Not the best pictures I'm sorry :/ 


I hope you enjoyed this little post :) have a great weekend!! And add some sparkle to someone's day!!!

Xoxo Kali

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