Saturday, February 8, 2014

It's going to be a great t-ball "season"

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It's my favorite time of year! Baseball season!!!! That means I will not have a Tuesday or Saturday to myself until May. Doesn't matter to us because our little guy loves it and that's what's important! Last night was our parent meeting so I wanted a quick gift for my baseball moms this season! After all it's my job to make this season fun, their life a little easier and keep them looking awesome while cheering on our team! 
I made these cute baseball mom "season"ing packets and some baseball necklaces for them to wear to our games:) Just a fun little gift for making it to the meeting. 
I found the taco seasoning at target for about .70cents and also snagged the cardboard box they were displayed in since I bought 12. I used the beautiful mess app to create the tag. Here is how I did it. First you obviously need the beautiful mess app. Next google "baseballs" once you find an image you like screen shot it. Then go to beautiful mess app and launch your photos. Pull up your baseball image and type the saying. You can certainly type anything you like but I love this saying that I have seen on many baseball mom shirts. I added the "this is going to be a great "season" to go with the taco seasoning. Next save your creation to your phone and email it to yourself. Then print it in wallet size. That's it! Easy right?
Now go and make your baseball moms happy! 
XOXO ~Jenn 

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