Monday, February 10, 2014

Lost Legos

Well my son, Maximus has now entered the stage of loving Legos. We have already bought a few different lego sets in which they get all mixed up and it's very frustrating. Maximus decided we needed to be more organized and wanted to keep the boxes they came in for the picture on the box. While at my favorite local dollar store today I picked up some storage boxes ( what's a dollar more when your already spending 20 dollars, most of the time more on these sets).  So here's what I came up with : 
I asked Maximus what pictures he wanted on the box and I taped the big ones on top and the little ones on the side..... He loves his new lego boxes and so far as soon as he's done playing the pieces go right back into the storage box. 
Happy lego building !
Have a great week !

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