Monday, March 11, 2013

Team Mom Gift Basket

Happy Saturday Everyone!
I'm blogging from the t-ball field today so I thought I would share a quick and easy DIY baseball themed gift basket. Our League has a raffle every year and each team must submit a basket. I decided to do a "Team Mom" basket since all players, coaches and families buy raffle tickets and could try and win this for their "team mom." This was a quick and easy nap time project. And when I say project I mean the basket assembly, making the clip board, cutting and applying the vinyl and tying it all up:)Here is how I did it. First I picked my Theme: I knew I wanted a pink, red & white "team mom" themed basket. I went to Michael's and found a great selection of baseball themed goodies in their dollar spot. They had the scorekeeper notebook, a fancy baseball pen, baseball frame and a baseball ornament. Then I thought about what I use most as a team mom: My clip board. I also picked up a plain wooden clip board as well as baseball and grass themed scrapbook paper and a cute wooden baseball embellishment and of course baseball ribbon. I knew I wanted to add something personalized so I saw a cute reusable cup by the check stand and decided I would use my vinyl to apply "mom" to make it a little more personal. I also picked up a candle because what mom doesn't love those! Now off to put it all together. I used a bin from Targets Dollar spot that I had on hand as well as some pink crinkle paper from Easter last year to use as filler. Now I started to cut the vinyl on my silhouette. I applied "mom" to the cup and "Baseball mom" with baseball symbols on each side. I love making things more personal. Now onto the clip board. I used a screwdriver to remove the top and set it aside careful not to lose the screws. I took the clip board and laid it flat on my scrapbook paper and traced around the edges. I did this to both papers and cut one in half and applied it to the bottom half of the board so I could have both papers showing. Now I used my spray adhesive to glue the paper to the clip board. Once it's dried use your screwdriver to re-apply the top piece again. Now I wanted to make it a little cuter and add a wooden baseball embellishment on the top using my glue gun:) Now just add a Starbucks gift card wrap it all up with a pretty baseball ribbon and call it DONE! I'm happy with how it turned out. To make it even better a team mom actually won the basket. So happy she loved it!

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  1. This basket is so cute! Our church does a gift basket silent auction in April for a camp fundraiser. I think I may have to make one of these for the auction. (And then restrain from bidding on it) :)
    Great post, thanks for the inspiration!


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