Friday, March 22, 2013

An "Egg"cellent Lunch

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Just got done making a fun Easter egg inspired lunch for my kiddos. I will do just about anything to make veggies fun for them and we have a "must try it" rule in our home. We tell our kids that before they say that they don't like something they must try it at least once. Usually they end up liking it and if they don't we add a few drops of ranch or veggie dip and it usually fixes the problem:)
 Today we went to our local egg farm to pick up a few flats of eggs. Yes we eat so many we buy by the flat. While there I asked the man at the window if I could have a small carton and he happily obliged. We got home and I washed 6 plastic Easter eggs with warm soap and water, placed them into the carton using both sides of the eggs. Then I just filled up with veggies, fruits, nuts, fish crackers and a mini snickers bar:) My kids loved it and I loved not having to tell them to eat their veggies 500 times. I think I may do an egg carton inspired breakfast with mini muffins and different fruits and maybe an egg carton dinner with mini hot dogs and veggies. Have fun with your food! XOXO~Jenn

And just wanted to share these super simple Easter pails for some special boys:) Check back soon for my BIG DIY personalized Easter idea!

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