Friday, March 22, 2013

Auntie Day!

Happy Friday everyone!!! Thursdays are my favorite day of the week!!! Weird righhhtt?!?!? Well I love Thursdays because it's Auntie Day!!! I get to spend the whole day with my nephew and we do whateevvveeerrr we want!! Let me tell you..  by the end of the day we are both tired! We do all kinds of fun stuff. We go places, visit cousins, playdates, park , make fun lunches, and do "projects!" I wanted to share what we did last week and this week. Yeah sure going and doing big things is fun but its the simple things that they love!!! Don't get me wrong we go to buy random stuff (toys) at Toys R Us and Target but sometimes its the cardboard box that captures his attention and imagination for hours!!Just like the leprechaun trap!
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Here is what we did last week!!! 

After playing in the backyard alllll day we went
  to the pet store.. a mini field trip.. great way to see lizards, fish , turtles, birds, cats ect. all in one building. Quick and fun! He loved it and was ready for a nap soon after getting back into the car!

This week we....

So I hadn’t noticed how dirty the outside of my car was because of wind, dust ect. I had a great idea.. after being out and about all day.. running from one place to another I decided to take Maximus to the carwash. I just wanted a quick rinse (something is better than nothing right!?) So off we went! He was so excited! Sure the inside of my windows have hand prints and smudges because he was trying to grab the bubbles lol but it was so fun!!! He loved it! And of course at the end he asked if we could go again!!! Maybe next week haha....

Sometimes its the simple things that are so much fun! Think outside of the box!! Looking forward to sharing more Adventures with Auntie!!! Until next time.... XOXO...Kali

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