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Golden 50th Anniversary Party

Hi everyone! Everyone must love their grandparents and being married 50 years is something to be honored and celebrated!!! With that said we recently had an amazing 50th Anniversary party for our grandparents! It was AAAMMAAAZZIIINNNGGG!!!!! I thought I would share some of the parrr-taayyy with you! There are a lot of small details so I will try to mention them.

Where to start ... where to start.... ummm... okay Im just going to jump in heard first!

We wanted a vintage spanish style venue. So we went to the downtown area by our house and found the perfect place!! Here is a before and after picture!!!

banquet hall banquet room facing south

We ordered white cloth table linins with a gold overlay ... we also ordered white chair covers with gold bows!!! Beautiful!!!! We also put the party favors at each setting on the table (party favors were costers we made with pictures of the special couple on vacation, and at their origional wedding!) The centerpieces were a bit hit! We designed them and had a local party place help us put them together! Since it was in January and the venu had alot of wooden accents we went with branches coming out of a square wooden box that had flowers in it. Hanging from the branches we made hanging votives with tea light candles. ( We were able to save money by making the votives and not buying them!! sooooo easy!!!!)

We had a guest book in the entry way for all the guests to sign. On that table we also had canvas pictures of the guests of honor from their origional wedding with flowers of course!!

My grandparents requested that they did not recieve gifts however, we knew that people would bring them cards so we bought a box from Michaels and used that as a card box! I also got small cards to leave in case the lil guests wanted to draw a picture or write a note for their grandparents/ great grandparents! My sister made a really pretty vase in gold (for 50th anniversary) glitter for this table. ( how to on the gold vase coming soon)

The cake table..... Most importantly we were able to use the origional cake topper that my grandparents used!!! This was such a cute detail!! We ordered our cake from Albertsons grocery store!!! It looked perfect on the gold cake stand that my aunt found!! (our custom grocery store cakes are right up there with bakery cakes!! Both the Yo Gabba Gabba cake and anniversary party cake looked amazing!!) We used a white table cloth and added the white table skirt. Under the table skirt we used white christmas lights and strung them up and down. This added light and sparkle to the table! On top of the table was a pictureof the cake cutting from the origional wedding along with some diamond accents.

The happy couple!!!!! Oh sidenote.. we used the bracelet that my grandma was going to wear the night of the party and took it to a florest where they added the flowers directly to the bracelet. =) 

The origional cake topper from over 50 years ago!

We needed something for our stage!!! So us being the crazy crafties we are we decided to make a huge light up 50!!!! ( that how to is also coming soon!!!) We used plywood and lots of glitter!! To light it up we used a strand or two of light bulbs we got at Target! Holes were drilled into the plywood and we took off the lightbulbs stuck the botom through the hole and put light bulbs back! We also used gold glittery tule to line the railings. On pinterest we found out that we could go to staples and blow up a picture engineer print size!!! We ordered it online !  This is also where the DJ was set up along with the Mariachies !!

There was also a video made that had footage from their origional reel from their wedding!! This was silent footage and this  was the first time my grandparents had seen it!!!! They were so excited to see family and old friends from the day of their wedding!

We wanted to add a little something special for the kiddos so we made them goodie bags/ party favors. Inside of the bags we put all kinds of little toys. Some examples of the fun goodies inside the bags were big balloons, cars, noisemakers, golden party hat, glasses, little mini games,silly straws and a flying little toy. We basically went to Party City and went crazy! haha... To add a little something special we got a picture of the special couple and used a website we saw on Pinterest to create a coloring sheet!!! This was a neat touch and the kiddos loved it!!

This was an amazing night!!! Everything turned out amazing! My grandparents were beyond happy and excited!!! They began this day at the church renewing their wedding vows and had a mass then they had their dinner and reception! This was a night we will always remember! I hope this gave you some inspiration for a party or wedding you maybe having!!! With love until next time.. xoxo Kali

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  1. I love this ideas, I'm stealing the coaster idea, I am also planning a 50th birthday party/ anniversary for my mom.


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