Saturday, March 9, 2013

10 Step DIY Glitter Starbucks Cup

Here is another quick and easy DIY project that can be a fun & unique birthday gift. I have seen tons of these on Pinterest with a few different variations with how to do each one. Here is my version:

Step 1.
Buy a reusable plastic Starbucks cup. NOTE: Make sure it's an old model cup as the new ones DO NOT have removable insides:(

Step 2.
Pick out your favorite color glitter.

Step 3.
Buy Spray adhesive is you don't already have some on hand.
You can get this at any craft store.

Step 4. Organize your supplies. Cup, spray adhesive (I use 3M), glitter, paper plate.

Step 5
Wash cup and remove inside by twisting it counterclockwise. Dry thoroughly. Now you should have 2 cups.

Step 6.
Spray the whole inside of the bottom cup with spray adhesive (the cup you removed can be set aside).

Step 7.
Pour a good amount of glitter into cup and use paper plate on top of cup so glitter does not fly out when you shake.

Step 8.
Give your arms a nice workout by shaking the cup and adding more glitter as needed.

Step 9.
Wait a few hours for it to dry and add in inner cup.

Step 10.
Enjoy your new cup! or Give it as a gift with a cute tag and Starbucks gift card:)

Make someone smile:) XOXO ~JENN

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