Friday, March 22, 2013

Fruit Kabob

Fruit.... delish... refreshing, sweet, colorful! I was going to a crab cook out that my friend was having and I wanted to take some fruit! But I did not just want to take a fruit tray so I got a little creative. I got different types of fruit then made kabobs. I also bought a large pineapple and stuck the kabobs in it!!!There were a couple left over so I put them on the tray.  It was easy, fun and I thought it looked so cute!!! Here it is ... Well minus some of the kabobs that had already been eaten!

When I worked at the Y the kids would love to make fruit kabobs!!! They would gladly wash their hands and get to work making their own snack! Here is the before pic ... The kids ate it to fast for me to get a pic lol ...

YUUUMMMMMMM.... I cant wait to be snacking on fruit and sitting by the pool!!!!! Well untill next time ...XOXO... Kali

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