Thursday, March 14, 2013

Leprechaun Trap!!!!

Yay!!! Its Thursday!! My Thursdays are my FAVORITE!!!!! This is because very Thursday is Auntie Day!!!!! All day long I get to hang out with my nephew!!Just me and him!! We do all kinds of fun stuff!! We go vist cousins for playdates, go out on lunch dates, go to the park, play games, play and play and play!!! OOOHHHH and of course sometimes we make a huge mess!!! But these are days that I will always remember and I hope he will too!! (He's only two but has a prreeetttyyyy good memory!) We do so much on our days together that usually by the end we have tired eachother out  =) I posted about a fun activity that Im planning for this weekend. I found something to add!! So  I wanted to share it . It's also one of the fun activities we did today!!!

I found an idea of making a leprechaun trap can see the link here. So much fun! I cant wait to add this to my plan for Sunday morning!(You can see this AMAZING plan if you scroll down and see earlier posts)  Im going to set up the trap with him on Saturday night and in the morning I will put some treats that the leprechaun left with a note saying "You almost caught me!!!Im to tricky! Good luck next year!!!" (or something like that) .Then breakfast will be served.. Im so excited!
Here is my 2 year old nephews masterpiece!

We used anything and everything that he wanted to use! This included a large box, green and gold paint, markers, felt, pipe cleaners, glitter, glitter glue,foam lizards and frogs!! We only made  a little mess but worth it because he was so proud of his creation and kept saying, " The Leapor-kaaann is going to love it!!!"  "We going to try to catch him gently!!" lol He cracks me up! I hope this fun and easy activity will get kids imagination going! Until next time !!! Smile ...XOXO... Kali

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