Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DIY Rubix Cubes 80's Theme

Happy Tuesday!
Today I'm going to share a "totally awesome" craft that is perfect for an 80's party! My friend asked if I could make some rubix cubes for her husbands 40th surprise birthday celebration! Of course I was so excited that I told her I could make 10, then reality hit (2 kids) a 4 year old and a 1 year old, t-ball team mom, laundry, dinner, teething etc. I quickly realized 10 wasn't going to happen! So I decided to do 5 and to make it even easier I went for the "new" rubix cube look. You know... before it's all mixed up with different color squares on each side. Here is a tutorial so you can create some for your own 80's party.

Cardboard boxes- ours were from Home Depot in size small.
Craft Paint- red,green,blue,yellow & orange
Electrical tape
Craft paper
Scotch Tape

Once you have gathered your supplies you will need to lay out your craft paper and begin tracing one side of the box with your pencil. The boxes are more of a rectangle than a square so you will have 3 large rectangle pieces and 2 squares to make one cube. Note: I did not paint the bottom of the cube. Once all the sides have been cut use your scotch tape and tightly tape the paper on all sides of the box. Now treat yourself to a nice glass of wine if that's your thing! I did! It's defiantly my thing:) Once the paper is secure it's time to paint. Paint one color on each side of the box so that you use up all 5 of your colors. Now set the box aside to let it dry. Once the box is dry use your pencil and draw lines on all 5 sides of your box. Sorry I forgot to take exact measurements. Once you get all sides drawn out so there are 9 squares on each side start going over your pencil line with your electrical tape. Once all lines are covered start working on the edges. I used around a roll of electrical tape per box. You can pick it up at home depot for around .75 a roll. So these are pretty cheap centerpieces or a pretty cheap 5 foot rubix cube tower:)

Here is a picture of them in action at the party.

Hope this inspires you to throw a totally awesome 80's bash of your own! XOXO~Jenn
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  1. that is hilarious! and this looks like a rad party. (yeah, i said rad.)


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