Monday, March 11, 2013

St. Pattys Day Fun

Hi everyone!!!!
Happy day light savings time Monday!!!!  I cannot wait for Sunday morning!!!! I have big plans for my nephew... surprise plans that is!!!!! I am going to do some simple yet fun decorating. My inspiration leprechauns, gold, green, treasures and rainbows! I am also going to make him breakfast ... wait I mean the leprechauns that come to visit and leave a mess/ decorations are making him breakfast!!!!! I found this idea here and the picture is below!!!!

How Fun!!!! I will also make him a small treasure hunt! The leprechauns that visit are going to leave him the treasure! I cant wait and would have liked to put up more pictures but I wanted to make sure I gave others the idea before St. Patty's Day in case you might like to do it also!!! Until next time...xoxo...Kali

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