Monday, January 20, 2014

Ice Cream Flowers

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The weather here in Ca had been in the low 80's. I know right!?!? Where is winter these days. I'm not complaining. We are a big ice cream family. It doesn't matter what kind:) we like them all! Today I'm sharing our Ice cream flower pots. My kids look forward to this dessert every summer. These are easy to put together and only have 3 ingredients. I know there are several tutorials for this but this is how our family does it. 

Ice Cream Flowers 
Ice Cream (I used Sherbet today) 
Lemon loaf cake (you can use your favorite loaf cake) my grocery store sells these pre sliced in the bakery section. They have chocolate, pumpkin, lemon and many others. 

Thick straws
Clay Pots-lead free 
Artificial flowers 
Wire cutters
Parchment paper

First take your parchment paper and trace the bottom of your clay pot. Then cut out the paper and place it in the bottom of the pot. This helps the ice cream from dripping out. Next take your clay pot and set it right side up on top of your loaf cake. 

Use a knife to cut out the small circle of loaf cake and place the cake on top of the parchment paper in the bottom of your pot. You can add as many layers of cake as you would like. Our kids like more ice cream and less cake so we only use one layer. 

Now push your straw into the center of the loaf cake. Carefully add the ice cream around your straw. I say carefully because the straw isn't too secure with only one layer. The more layers of cake the sturdier the straw. 

Now place the pots in the freezer for 10-15 minutes so the ice cream hardens back up. While they are in the freezer let's get started on the dirt. You can't have a pot without dirt. 

To make the dirt take 8-10 Oreos and get rid of the center. The hardest part is finding someone to eat this. I ate it all by myself. Now place the cookie part of your Oreos into a zip lock bag and go grab your hammer. 

This is my favorite part. Hammer the Oreos until they look like dirt. It relieves stress so take your time. 
Once the dirt is done take your pots out of the freezer and pour your dirt on top. Make sure to keep the dirt out of the straw. 
To finish these cute pots just add your artificial flower down the straw and admire your hard work! If your flower stem is too long just snip it with some wire cutters until it's the length you desire. Have fun!  and Eat.More.IceCream!

P.S. Add some gummy worms if your kids love them as much as mine do:)

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