Monday, January 13, 2014

Rose bouquet

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Heyyyyy there!!!!! I told you I'd be back soon!!! :) Okay so I, like Chelsea and Jen love Valentines Day. Well, who am I kidding we love any excuse to decorate. lol When I took down the Christmas decorations it was waaayyyyy to plain!! It was sad so of course I told myself it's never to early to add a little pink, red and glitter!
One of the things I made was a flower bouquet. It didn't take longer than 10 minutes! It was actually more like 5 but I couldn't find my wire cutters.

All you need are silk flowers (of your choice) and a foam ball! I got both at that same store I was telling you about last time. The bargain store where everything is a dollar!!!

Then you cut the flowers off the stems. I pushed up the leaves to keep them on the shortened stem.

Start arranging your flowers!!!! 

Ta da!!!!! 

I didn't want to hang mine ...but you can that would be cute too!! So I got a glass cup from the kitchen and put the ball on top ( I didn't put the flowers all the way around because I didn't want to hang but if you want to hang just fill the whole thing with flowers. 

It fit perfectly in the cup! I had left over zebra duct tape around the cup to make it fancy :) 

I added some of the stick in valentines day hearts to add a little more sparkle!!

I hope you enjoyed this quick cute Valentines day craft!! 
Add a little sparkle to someone's life!!!

Love Kali

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