Monday, February 10, 2014

DIY T-ball picture

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Okay so we all know that every season our sweet t-ballers get lined up and sit through the usual season pictures. Don't get me wrong I'm the mom that buys the biggest package and shows them to anyone who will look. But this year I wanted something different. I saw something similar on Pinterest that was done for a Senior picture session. I knew I wanted to re-create it with my little guy. List of Supplies:
Lots of baseballs, a bat, the beautiful mess app or any text writing app., and a cute t-ball player.
Make your numbers out of the balls using the bat for the #1. Snap tons of pictures:) once you have one that you like save it and use your text writing app to write on the picture. You can also use frames and play around with your image using photo editing apps. 
Happy t-ball season!

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