Monday, March 11, 2013

Keep it simple Easter projects

Happy Monday everyone!
Today I'm going to share some quick and easy projects you can still get done in time for Easter. The first one is this simple Easter egg garland I made out of plastic eggs from the dollar store. I found that the cheaper eggs are the only ones that really work because they have two holes on the top and the bottom. Here are the supplies you need for this project:
1. Plastic Easter eggs (how many depends on how big you want to make your garland. Mine had about 70 eggs.
2. String. Any kind of string will work. I had leftover raffia so I used it for mine.
3. Cute ribbon (2 pieces) about 4-5 inches for the ends.
First measure how long you would like your garland. Open the plastic eggs so you have 2 pieces. I kept my eggs the same color on both sides but you could certainly change it up to create your own color combinations. On the first egg you insert one of the cute ribbon pieces from the inside of the egg out. like shown below.

Next you are going to tie the string onto the loop of the ribbon on the inside of the egg. You can see in the photo above that the string only goes through one hole. Now all you do is keep stringing on eggs until you reach the end. At the end you repeat the same process as the beginning by knotting the end on your last egg and finishing it off with the cute ribbon. Here are a few more photos in case you are a visual person like me. hehe

Another quick project is something I do every year with my kiddos. It's so much fun and something the kids look forward to doing. What is it you ask? We GROW OUR OWN EASTER GRASS!!! Yes, I pull out the shovels and let the kids get dirty for an afternoon.

 I follow the directions on the How Does She blog. Click here for directions. I have been a bad mommy and haven't taken after pics of any of our baskets (so going to this year) but you can see lots of inspiration on the How Does She blog. Hope you all have an amazing weekend! It's supposed to be in the high 80's here so looking forward to some outdoor projects and our first neighborhood St. Patrick's Day BBQ. Till next time XOXOXO~Jenn

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