Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yo Gabba Gabbbbaaa Party

Yo Gabba Gabbbbbbbaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! When my sister and I were planning my nephews 2nd birthday there were soo many options! But when it came down to it... Yo Gabba was his absolute favorite so Yo Gabba theme it was! After watching it time and time and time again we knew all the words, songs and amazing dance moves so planning this party was simple and ideas came flowing out!! We almost could not stop!!!! But you have to draw the line somewhere right?? ...... lol sure....wink wink! =) Here are some pictures of the party and decor. Ill put some details as needed.

Balloon galore!!! What a mess!!!! But oh soo much fun if your 2 haha ... okay who am I kidding its fun at any age! We made our centerpieces!!! We used balloons, white boxes, tissue paper, sand and wooden dowels. We made balloon bundles and used different shaped and sized balloons to wrap around the dowel! oh and we sprinkled Yo Gabba confetti on the tables and the floor. (the floor was an accident but a nice touch .. until clean up time =0)

Here are pictures of the finished centerpieces!

As you can see we used the colors to match the characters! Brobee, Toodee, Plex, Muno, Foofa, and of course DJ Lance Rock!!!!! We also used cloth table cloths and of course had a jumper!

Do you recognize these balloon faces!?!?!? =) little details count!!!!

We accented them with fun bright and poka dotted balloons!!!

 We had to have a candy bar!!!!!! On this table we have .... Suckers in wrapped boxes, homemade Yo Gabba masks, Squeese its with a Muno eye ball, blowers, noisemakers, Homemade three tired candy dish, party hats .. oh and Homemade gumball machine looking holder (we were very carefull with small children and gumballs choking hazard!!!!!!!!!!!) We had those small dot candies that come on a sheet, rice krispy treats, ring pops, fun dips, sour patch licorice, giant pixy stix, gummy bears....ect.  We also made the large fans in the background by folding 2 large posterboards like a fan and connecting them.  then made smaller ones and layered them!!

As for the party favors.... We used buckets and cut out foam to make them look like the characters! ( found this idea somewhere online)Yes!!! Very time consuming but definalty worth every minute!!!The kids also we able to take a mask to look like their favorite character!!!  We filled them with small toys (from Party City-  buckets, tamborines, glasses, whistles, bubbles, Yo Gabba toys ect.) then let the kids fill with candy and snacks from the candy bar and had a pinada!!!! Yes, the parents loved us! hahaha...


Cake Time... We wanted a tiered fun cake! Off I went to Albertsons bakery (grocery store) and showed them a picture I found online with superheros but I wanted Yo Gabba characters and they did it!!!! Not sure if they will do it again lol but hey they did it once!!! =)


We played Yo Gabba music in the background and sang along to every song! The kids at the party loved the background music and the adults caught themselves singing along too!!! We played games like "Get the sillies out" aka freeze dance and musical chairs among others.  We hung Yo Gabba posters all around and got a big poster with all the characters in Gabba Land to take pictures in front of!

Side note:
The party buckets we gave out are still used to this day.... Except not as buckets but for hats!!!!

Hope this gives you some ideas for a Yo Gabba Gabba Party! This party was so much fun to plan and even better to see play out!!! Until next time.... XOXO....Kali

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  1. hi i was wondering, what else did you put on the masks other than the stick??

    1. Hello!!! Sorry for the delayed response, behind the mask we used cardstock paper then glued the large popsicle stick to the back. When gluing the mask to the cardstock we only put glue on the outter part of the mask so it wasnt tooo much glue and didnt come through the paper. ( You might have to put something heavy on top while they dry so the ends dont fold over) You can probally also use a paint brush and spread a thin layer over the cardstock. Try it out and see what works best for you!!! Thanks for your question! HAve a great day!!

  2. hi i was wondering how you guys did the centerpieces?


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