Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hello Kitty Party

Hello Kitty is one of those classic favorites! When my cousin mentioned that her daughter wanted a Hello Kitty themed party I instantly thought of the cute favor bags I had recently seen on Pinterest ! I called Chelsea, my sister and we were very excited to make them and even more excited to see the reaction of the birthday girl!! My sister also thought about making a couple other things too!!!

Supplies we used for favor bags were:
- Card stock (pink glittered, purple glittered,black, yellow, white and regular pink)
{look below to see amount needed per color, some colors like black you need more of than others,   such as yellow.. as this will vary depending on how many bags you are making}
- Glue stick/ Elmers white glue
- Green & White favor bags ( Keroppi was green Hello Kitty was white)
- Sissors

All supplies available at any craft store however, we love the Michaels app and coupons!!!

Then we began by making a template for outside eye, inside eye, whiskers, bow, mouth and circles by Keroppis mouth. Then began cutting away!!!!! Having the Cricut at this point would have been helpful lol but man power worked just fine!!

For each Keroppi we needed 2 large white circles, 2 medium circles and 2 pink circles (the black and pink were the same size) and a black wide V.. Keep in mind the eyes are not at the top of the bag but middle ... it turned out like this!!!
For each Hello Kitty bag we needed 1 bow pink or purple, 2 black small oval eyes, 1 yellow small oval nose, 2 black long whiskersend facing up, 2 small black whiskers and 2 black medium downfacing . Keep in mind that her eyes and on lower part of the bag not in the middle. The final bag looks like this!!!

Then we went to google and printed out a Hello Kitty mask template and cut it out. We could have cut out the eyes but I think we had enough cutting with the favor bags lol . We then used silver glitter & a glue stick to put onto the bow. Then glued it on a stick! Walll La.... Hello Kitty mask with glitter!!!!   
I was shopping for the birthday girls gift and saw a cute Hello Kitty headband! I thought it would be perfect for the birthday girl instead of a crown a Hello Kitty headband!!! But of course I had to put some Bling on it!!!!! I remembered that I had gotten these self stick rhinestones at the dollar store awhile back and thought they would be perfect! So I stuck them on!!!!
Close up of Headband!!!

The Happy Birthday Girl!!!!

Chelsea then made a happy birthday banner sign using a Cricut and silver embellishments! She also made the Pom Poms out of tissue paper for some bright pop of color!!! 
I found some Hello Kitty coloring sheets from google to use and make a little personalized coloring book!

The party was a blast! The kids all had a great time especially the Birthday Girl!!! The kids took part in a hula hoop contest, three legged race, pin the bow on Kitty and pinata along with other games!  Hope this gives a couple ideas for a Hello Kitty birthday party!!!! XOXO ...Kali
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