Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Card Organization

I don't know about you but I just love greeting cards! I love that someone took the time to pick out a special card for my kids/hubs or myself. Some people write special messages or use family pics on their cards. This makes the card that much more meaningful and harder for me to part with after the occasion. I thought I had a great solution for this a few years back. Enter the card box.

Yep... I went out and purchased one for each member of my family and after we got done with the card we would toss it into the box to never be seen again. Then I stumbled upon a bright idea on Pinterest from Kayla Danelle. Click here for tutorial

Here is my version:

The reason I love this is because it makes it easier to see those special cards when you need a little love or words of encouragement or even if you want to show your kids pics of relatives who live farther away. I mean whats the point of keeping the cards if they are just going to be tossed in some box in the closet?

My kids have theirs hung in their playroom and my 4 year old thinks they are books:) he loves that his included many of his favorite characters like Tomas the Train and Lightning McQueen from birthdays a few years back.
We make sure to only keep the cards that are important to us to eliminate clutter. I love ideas that make life a little more special and my home a little less cluttered. Now when a special card comes I grab my hole puncher and add the card to one of the books:) I love pretty storage ideas. Bye bye never ending stack of card clutter. XOXO~JENN

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