Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DIY Personalized Coasters

I hope everyone had a great Monday, it was hard for me to get going after Super Bowl !! Well Valentines day is approaching us rather quickly, so I thought I would share a gift thats personalized,  easy to make and functional. I saw this coaster idea on Pinterest and I have used them for many different occasions!!!
Ok this is what you will need:
4x4 tiles (I went to lowes for this and just asked for clearances tiles, I got them for around 30 cents each)
Mod podge
Sponge brush
All purpose sealer
hot glue gun

These coasters were made for party favors for our grandparents 50 wedding anniversary so we picked out four different pictures.
We measured them out and had to draw lines where they needed to be cut in order to fit on the coaster. We used a cutter, we had to because we could not cut a straight line ...the more we tried the worse it got!!
After we cut the pictures we applied a layer of Mod podge on the back and placed the picture on the tile. We then applied a layer of Mod podge on the top of the picture, We are not sure if this matters but we applied the Mod podge left to right. Just so they would all look the same.
We applied three layers of modge podge on top of the picture allowing it to dry completely before applying the next coat.
Once the mod podge dried completely we applied a layer of the sealer.
Almost we cut pieces of felt and hot glued it onto back of tile, so the tile wont scratch the surface it will be placed on.
We added a ribbon  and there were our grandparent anniversary favors!!!
Not expensive but very meaningful....These would make great valentines gift for anyone!!!!
Happy crafting!! XoXo till next time

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