Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blinged out shoes

Hello there everyone!!Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a great day!!! I was at work and I saw this lady who had completly personalized her converse! When I asked her about them she said they were very old and looked woren out so she decided to redo them! They looked amazing with studs very bikerish! They looked so cute with jeans and a black tank!!! We were talking then the mention of bling came up ( rhinestones) that would look adorable! Later while looking on Pinterest I saw a pin with rhinestones on shoes. I love the idea of adding personalization on anything!!!

One of my really good friends found her prince charming anad was getting married!!!! While she was doing my hair we were discussing her wedding colors ect. The topic of shoes came up and thats when it dawned on me!!! Whats better than comfy cute shoes for the reception! I told her not to worry about it.... they would be my gift to her! I was sooooo beyond excited! I went home and went onto where you can create custom shoes! You can get to the wesite by clicking here. I ordered them and was very excited when they were delivered!Dont forget!!!! You can also do this to any shoes you have at home =)

This was the shoe before the custom work! Blank Canvas... my personal fav!!!
The Shoe after the custom work!!!! There are a whole bunch of colors and patterns!!! These colors were perfect for my friends wedding!!! You can even get them engraved if you would like!!!! Soooo Fun!!!!

But the customizing wasnt finished yet ::wink wink:: ........

I gathered my handy dandy Gem - Tac and some Rhinestones from Michaels craft store ( with my coupon of course ) and set to work!!! For the first shoe I laid them out first to make sure my rhinestones weren't to large or small. (The ones I used were larger than the 3 mm I wanna say I used 9mm , but use your judgement. It also depends on the look you are going for.) I laid them out to also make sure I wouldn't have a gap/ hole when I go to the end or bottom of the toe of the shoe. You maybe able to eyeball this but I wanted to make sure since these were for the Beautiful Bride to be!!! I put glue in small area but glued them in row going from left to right starting at the straight end of the toe. If you touch the glue your fingers will get sticky and placing the rhinestones is a little difficult! So helpful hint: I used tweesers and just wiped them with a wipe as needed. Here is the finished product!!!! Ohhh and I added black ribbon to substitute as the laces =)
Add bling to anything you can!!!! =) happy blinging xoxo..Kali

Yay!!!!! My creation for my Dear Friend!!!!

We had to take a picture with the BLINGED shoes =)


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