Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thanksgiving Countdown

This November I'm determined to keep it simple! Since I'm still exhausted from our Halloween countdown I knew I wanted to keep November as stress free as possible. For our Thanksgiving countdown I used a cheap frame that I bought at Michaels in the clearance section (it had a crack on the bottom). That didn't bother me since my kids would most likely knock the frame over and distress it even more. I removed the back of the frame and painted it orange with acrylic paint and once dried I applied vinyl I cut using the silhouette. I found these awesome envelopes at Staples last Christmas. I added numbers to each envelope and cut leaves using the silhouette in fall colors and placed them inside the envelopes. Each day my kiddo pulls one leaf out of that days envelope and writes what he is thankful for. Some leaves include activities that make this month of giving more special like bring someone a coffee or take someone an unexpected gift. I love that this teaches my kids the importance of being thankful and really focuses on what the month of November means to our family. We are making a special effort to be thankful each day for everything God has blessed us with. Hope this inspires you to start Thanksgiving traditions with your family. XOXO~Jenn 

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