Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pumpkin luminaries

Day 9 of our countdown was pumpkin luminaries. My kiddos loved these and I even had time to make one for myself:) Here is a quick tutorial.
I saved a few spaghetti sauce jars but mason jars work too.
Orange acrylic paint
Black vinyl or black paint
Foam brushes
Vinyl cutter if you don't want to paint on the faces
Paint the outside of the jars orange with your acrylic paint (ours was from Michael's)  
Let dry. Paint again and add coats until it's completely covered. Ours took 3 coats. 
Be patient and let them dry. I found that a foam brush and the dabbing method worked perfect! Once dry I applied black vinyl jack o lantern faces:) but if you are good a free handing you could paint your faces on. I'm not! So I went with the vinyl:)
Lit them up with a flameless tea light from the dollar store:) happy haunting! 
Xoxo Jenn  

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