Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A letter from the North Pole

It's almost that time of year...yes...I said it...Christmas time! This year I'm determined to have my Christmas shopping done by December 1st. The hardest people on my list this year are my kids. Yep...the little people I see everyday. The ones who I know everything about. The ones who yell after every infomercial "mom...I need that!" The problem is they "need" it, I want to get it, but...umm...where do we put it?  We really have no room. Here is my proof. Our playroom from last Christmas! 

I get a migraine just looking at it. My oldest isn't very good about getting rid of things he no longer wants to play with. My youngest isn't much help either. This year I found the solution! Yep...I had a plan and it actually worked. Here is how I did it. I called the North Pole and spoke to Santa (yep I know him) I asked if he could send "Eddie" (our elf) if you follow this blog you will get to know Eddie well:) to help me out with this problem. For some reason when Santa asks for things they get done. Eddie rang our door bell the next morning. He had 2 boxes and this letter with him.

I had set aside a few hours so they could work on this. I played the Elf on the Shelf movie while they went through their toys and thought this would eaisly be a whole afternoon project. Nope. It took about 20min. Yep. 20 whole minutes!!! To fill up 2 boxes full of toys they no longer wanted. Some new, some with tags still attached.

It made me happy that my oldest was focused on the blessing other kids part of the letter. My youngest was more into filling her box like her brother. I was okay with that since the end result was a cleaner, less cluttered playroom. Thanks Eddie! Your the best! I can't wait until you show up after Thanksgiving so I can clean up your messes and so the kids wake up at the crack of dawn to look for you! Until then Xoxo ~Jenn

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